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Telescope: Astro-Physics Ricardi-Honders Astrograph (RHA) Designation: NGC 4725 is an intermediate barred spiral galaxy about 40 million light-years away in the constellation Coma Berenices. NGC 4725 is a Seyfert Galaxy, suggesting an active galactic nucleus containing a supermassive black hole (Wiki)
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1600 GTO Constellation: Coma Berenices
Camera: Apogee U16-M with Astrodon Ver. 2 Filters Remotely Imaged With CCD Commander - Maxim
Guiding: Baader Guidescope with Astro-Physics Mount System, SBIG ST-i Guider Type: Galaxy
Exposure Data: LRGB Lum 5 hours RGB 4 hours each.. Position: R.A. 12 hr 50 min , Dec +25 30003'
Processed using PixInsight, PhotoShop CS3 Date: March 2015
Data Acquisiton, Reduction and Processing by Jim Janusz Imaging Location: Cave Creek Canyon Observatory