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Telescope: Takahashi FSQ Designation: SH2-11 SH2-10 B257 B258 and NGC 6357, a diffuse nebula near NGC 6334 in the constellation Scorpius. The nebula contains many proto-stars shielded by dark disks of gas, and young stars wrapped in expanding "cocoons" or expanding gases surrounding these small stars. It is also known as the Lobster Nebula. NGC 6334 (also known as the Cat's Paw Nebula, Bear Claw Nebula and Gum 64) is an emission nebula and star-forming region located in the constellation Scorpius (Wiki)
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1600 GTO Constellation: Scorpius
Camera: Apogee U16-M with Astrodon Ver. 2 Filters Remotely Imaged With CCD Commander
Guiding:Baader Guidescope & Astro-Physics Mount System, SBIG ST402 Guider Type: Nebula and Dark Nebula
Exposure Data: Ha 35 x 900 seconds. Position: R.A. 17 hr 24 min , Dec -34 200000'
Processed using Maxim data aquisition, PixInsight and PhotoShop image processing Date: June 2016
Data Acquisiton, Reduction and Processing by Jim Janusz Imaging Location: Cave Creek Canyon Observatory