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Telescope: Astro-Physics 160 EDF Designation:IC 434 is a bright emission nebula in the constellation Orion. It was discovered on February 1, 1786 by William Herschel. The Horsehead Nebula is a dark nebula silhouetted against it
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1600 GTO Constellation: Orion
Camera: SBIG STX 16803 with Astrodon Ver. 2 Filters Remotely Imaged With CCD Commander
Guiding:SBIG ST402 Guider Type: Emission Nebula
Exposure Data: Ha 9 hours. Position: R.A. 05 hr 41 min , Dec -02 30
Processed using Maxim data aquisition, PixInsight and PhotoShop image processing Date: February 2018
Data Acquisiton, Reduction and Processing by Jim Janusz Imaging Location: Cave Creek Canyon Observatory