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Telescope: Astro-Physics 130 GT Designation:The Seagull Nebula SH2-292 / IC 2177 is a region of nebulosity that lies along the border between the constellations Monoceros and Canis Major. It is a roughly circular HII region centered on the Be star HD 53367. The name Seagull Nebula is sometimes applied by amateur astronomers to this emission region, although it more properly includes the neighboring regions of star clusters, dust clouds and reflection nebulae. This latter region includes the open clusters NGC 2335 and NGC 2343 and Sharpless SH2-293, 295, 297.
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1600 GTO Constellation: Monoceros
Camera: SBIG STX 16803 with Astrodon Ver. 2 Filters Remotely Imaged With CCD Commander
Guiding:SBIG ST402 Guider Type: Emission Nebula
Exposure Data: Ha 6 hours. Position: R.A. 07 hr 04 min , Dec -10 27
Processed using Maxim data aquisition, PixInsight and PhotoShop image processing Date: December 2016
Data Acquisiton, Reduction and Processing by Jim Janusz Imaging Location: Cave Creek Canyon Observatory